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The Xinfrared XH09 Thermal Imaging Camera - Lightning is a versatile device that turns an iPhone or iPad into advanced thermal imaging equipment in seconds. Thanks to its 9mm lens, it is ideal for long-distance observation, which hunters and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate. It will also successfully perform during technical inspections and in emergency situations. The 50 Hz frame rate ensures smooth video and high-quality images. High sensitivity (0.04°C) allows to make precise temperature measurements. The device offers 8 professional aiming reticles, varied operating modes and digital zoom (max. 15x magnification). Included: camera, smartphone mount, extension cable, lens cap and protective case. Main Product Features a versatile thermal imaging camera compatible with smartphones equipped with a Lightning port multiple applications: inspection of control cabinets, air conditioning, houses, wildlife observation, hunting, camping, outdoor indispensable in emergency situations (including rescue operations, search for missing persons) direct connection to iPhone or iPad via Lightning connector ("plug-and-play") frame rate of 50 Hz allowing to take high-quality images and smooth thermal imaging videos high precision of temperature measurements - sensitivity of 0.04°C, accuracy of ±2°C image zoom (digital zoom 2 - 15x) Temperature identification range reaching up to 870 meters image display modes adapted to different needs free Thermal Eye X mobile app available in App Store metal housing and IP65 certification for resistance to harsh weather conditions 8 professional targeting reticles available from the app additional accessories included: smartphone mount, extension cable, lens cap, protective case save photos and videos to smartphone memory no need for charging (powered directly from the smartphone) precise adjustment of settings to the measurement conditions For enthusiasts and professionals The Xinfrared XH09 - Lightning smartphone thermal imaging camera is a versatile device that turns your phone into advanced thermal imaging equipment in just seconds. Equipped with a 9mm lens, it will be an ideal choice for long-distance observation. It will be perfect for hunters, camping enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. The camera will also help many professionals. It will prove useful for such tasks as inspections of control cabinets, air conditioners and houses. It will save you time and money when repairing and maintaining a wide variety of equipment. High frame rate Xinfrared XH09 is the world's first thermal imaging camera for a smartphone, offering a frame rate of 50 Hz. This makes it easy to capture high-quality photos and smooth video footage. The camera is perfect for both precision work of an inspection nature and field operations (such as game observation). Xinfrared XH09 - Lightning will make sure that you will not lose sight of any wild boar or deer, regardless of the speed of their movement. Impressive range The Xinfrared XH09 - Lightning smartphone thermal imaging camera will help you quickly and efficiently diagnose problems with your home insulation and HVAC systems. In the field, it will effectively turn your phone into a hunting thermal imager, allowing you to quickly detect game even at long distances. Thanks to the digital zoom, you can get up to fifteen times magnification of the image. This will allow you to easily see objects up to 870 meters away from you. An invaluable tool in emergency situations The Xinfrared XH09 thermal imaging camera is an indispensable tool in emergency situations. These may include wilderness rescue operations, searching for missing persons, ensuring safety while camping, or simply random events that may occur while observing wildlife. Thanks to its high sensitivity and ability to detect the slightest differences in temperature, the model can quickly and accurately locate hazards and people in need, even in difficult weather and terrain conditions. Emergency services can use the camera to detect victims of disasters such as fires, avalanches or floods, where traditional search methods may not be sufficient. High sensitivity and precision measurements The Xinfrared XH09 is distinguished by its extremely high sensitivity of 0.04°C. Such high accuracy makes it possible to detect the slightest temperature differences. The device will allow you to display almost 50,000 points of temperature data on your smartphone screen, in real time. Such precision will be irreplaceable in professional applications. The Xinfrared XH09 camera will be a great support for building maintenance, electrical inspections and HVAC repairs, among others. Ideal choice for hunters Depending on your needs and preferences, you can use 2 different image display modes - "HD" or "Highlight". The former provides a very clear thermal image and will work well in most situations. The "Highlight" option, on the other hand, is an ideal choice for hunters. This mode allows you to make your target more visible, even when it is hidden in dense forest or bushes. Resistance to harsh weather conditions The Xinfrared XH09 - Lightning smartphone thermal imaging camera has a metal housing and IP65 certification. This is an excellent choice if you want a durable device and optimal protection from harsh weather conditions. With this camera, no observation will be disturbed by heavy rain - Xinfrared XH09 will also successfully cope with moisture and dirt. Advanced mobile application The free Thermal Eye X mobile app, available for Android and iOS platforms, allows you to conveniently control the data. With it, you can easily display temperature values at various points, and conveniently check measurement results. The storage of photos and videos in the smartphone's memory allows further analysis after they have been taken, allowing you to study the data in detail. The app also allows you to make adjustments to the settings, taking into account the materials you plan to view with the help of thermal imaging. Professional-targeting-grids The Xinfrared XH09 thermal imaging camera offers up to 8 professional targeting reticles. They come in different shapes to suit different user needs. Each sighting reticle can also be personalized by choosing one of 5 colors. The reticle can also be zoomed in or out at will, as well as placed in the desired part of the screen. By working with the viewfinder, precise targeting of game will be even easier. Such a solution significantly facilitates hunting and improves the efficiency of target tracking. Lightweight and easy to use The Xinfrared XH09 - Lightning smartphone thermal imaging camera is an extremely compact and lightweight device that weighs just 18.5 grams. With a direct connection to a smartphone via the Lightning connector, the camera offers plug-and-play functionality, meaning it is ready for use as soon as it is plugged in. No need to install additional drivers makes it ideal for those who value convenience and speed. All you need is a mobile app available on the App Store. Additional accessories In addition to the Xinfrared XH09 - Lightning thermal imaging camera itself, you'll also find a smartphone mount, an extension cable, a protective lens cap and a padded protective zippered case. This ensures that you have everything you need to start using the camera right out of the box, whether you're planning a tech inspection or a nature outing. Compatible with Lightning connector The featured version of the Xinfrared XH09 thermal imaging camera is designed to be fully compatible with Apple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, equipped with a Lightning connector. This allows you to connect the camera quickly and easily, without having to reach for an additional adapter. The intuitive Thermal Eye X app, available on iOS, makes it easy to control the camera and analyze data, making the Xinfrared XH09 ideal for professionals and amateurs who use Apple-branded products. THERMOVISION CAMERA FOR SMARTPHONE XINFRARED XH09 IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN COMPATIBLE VARIANT WITH USB-C PORT. iPhone with USB-C port - Which camera model to choose? In 2023, the Lightning port on the new generation of iPhones was replaced by a USB-C port. If you have one of the latest models of the device, you can still enjoy the advanced capabilities of the Xinfrared XH09 thermal imaging camera. Regardless of which iPhone you own, choose a variant with a Lightning connector. If it is a model from 15 upwards, you will need to additionally equip yourself with a special adapter available for sale separately. Xinfrared cameras with an integrated USB-C connector are only compatible with Android devices. Specification model: Xinfrared XH09 - Lightning compatible port: Lightning resolution: 256 x 192 px distance between pixels: 12 µm field of view (FOV): 19.63° x 14.71° measurement accuracy: ±2°C battery life: 300 to 480 minutes frame display frequency: 50 Hz focal length: 9 mm temperature identification range: up to 870 m thermal sensitivity NETD: 40 mK @ 25°C, F#1.0 measuring range: 0°C ~ +100°C magnification: digital zoom (2x - 15x) Color palettes: night vision green bird white hot black hot red head iron red Measurement correlation: temperature distance Grid targeting: 7 shapes 5 colors Tactical support: e-compass speed position weather time protection level: IP65 mobile application: Thermal Eye X content archiving: video / photo recording operating temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C dimensions: 23 x 23 x 23.8 mm weight: 18.5 g Kit contents Smartphone thermal camera Xinfrared XH09 - Lightning hand grip with smartphone and camera mount Lightning extension cable lens cap protective case

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