Newell NP-W235 USB-C replacement battery for Fuji

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The Newell NP-W235 USB-C is a modern battery replacement designed for use with digital cameras. This model is not only distinguished by its unique colour. The integrated USB-C port will open up completely new charging possibilities for you! If you don't have a charger at hand, no problem. You can use the USB-C cable and top up with a power bank, computer or phone charger. The battery offers 2300 mAh of capacity. It uses an intelligent system to regulate the charging process and protections against overheating, overloading and overcharging. You can recharge it at any time without worrying about the so-called memory effect. And all this at an exceptional price and with a 40-month manufacturer's guarantee! Main product features replacement NP-W235 battery covered by a 40-month manufacturer's warranty equipped with integrated USB-C port for charging capable of charging via USB-C cable connected to e.g. a power bank, computer or smartphone charger also compatible with traditional battery chargers LED indicating charging in progress or completed created using lithium-ion technology capacity of 2,300 mAh Made using the best quality cells intelligent protection system that regulates the charging process protection against overheating, overloading and overcharging repeatable charging and discharging without "memory effect" Unique colour to make it easier to find the cell with USB-C port in your bag or backpack Charging process monitoring Traditional chargers inform you of the charging process via LEDs or messages displayed on the screen. By choosing the Newell NP-W235 USB-C replacement for Fuji, you don't have to worry about the cells topping up out of your control. A small LED will light up red when you start charging with the USB-C cable and turn green when the energy reaches its peak. Advanced technology Newell's NP-W235 USB-C replacement battery for Fuji is created using lithium-ion technology. This allows you to charge and discharge it multiple times. There is also nothing preventing you from recharging the battery at any time. The advanced technology used by the Newell brand avoids the occurrence of the so-called memory effect, i.e. the device "remembers" the reduced time of use. Charging via USB-C port The charger you use every day has been left in another backpack? Do you want to reduce the volume of your photographic gear? Or are you looking for a way to charge your batteries using a power bank? The Newell NP-W235 USB-C replacement is the device you need! The integrated USB-C port will allow you to become independent of a traditional charger. With just one cable, charging your battery will be as easy as refilling your smartphone. 40 month warranty Newell stands for hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world who have enjoyed quality replacement batteries, chargers and other devices used in film and photography for years. To take care of them, the service warranty on all the brand's products has been extended up to 40 months! By choosing a replacement NP-W235 battery, you have the peace of mind that in the event of any complications, the help and technical support department will quickly resolve your problem! Protection and safety The Newell NP-W235 battery pack uses an intelligent protection system based on an electronic IC. It regulates the charging process while ensuring a high level of safety. This guarantees reliability and durability, as well as adequate protection against overheating, overcharging or overloading. Ideal fit The best quality cells are used in the production of Newell batteries. This ensures that the capacity quoted in milliampere hours is real, which translates into long operating times. The replacements are one hundred per cent in the shape of the original batteries. In combination with the appropriately selected material, they guarantee a perfect fit to the devices in which they will be placed. Compatibility Fujifilm X-T4 Specification model: Newell replacement NP-W235 USB-C for Fuji technology: Li-ion capacity: 2300 mAh voltage: 7.2 volts ports: USB-C weight: 81 g Kit contents Newell replacement NP-W235 USB-C battery for Fuji

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