Laowa Argus Venus Optics 25 mm f/0.95 APO lens for Fujifilm X

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The Argus 25mm is another apochromatic lens in the family of ultra-bright lenses from Venus Optics. The model presented here offers a 0.17:1 reproduction scale and is designed to work with cameras equipped with the Fujifilm X mount. The lens features an APO system that minimises distortion and chromatic aberration. Sharpening from a minimum distance of just 25cm allows you to get as close as possible to the subjects you are photographing or filming. The internal focusing system does not affect the length of the lens when changing settings. The glass also achieves beautiful background blur and soft circular bokeh. Main product features 25mm fixed focal length lens record-bright f/0.95 aperture for outstanding sharpness compatible with Fujifilm X mount cameras sharpening from a minimum distance of 25 cm sturdy metal construction the ability to switch the aperture ring to a stepless operation is great for filming apochromatic system (APO) to minimise chromatic aberration across the entire aperture range internal focus system without changing lens length (Internal Focusing) low instability of the angle of view during focusing (Low Focus Breathing) smooth and soft bokeh without sharp edges enables beautiful background blur 62mm diameter thread for convenient mounting of filters or sunshades focus ring that moves 270° for maximum precision Standard focal-length The 25mm on the Fujifilm X system is equivalent to 50mm on full-frame lenses. The glass from Venus Optics will therefore be an ideal 'portrait' lens with versatile use. The field of view here is 46.7º. This value is close to how we perceive the world with our eyes. It is the best choice for those who specialise in portrait or reportage photography. Apochromatic design The apochromatic construction of the lens is designed to achieve the highest possible image quality. The 14 elements are arranged in up to 8 groups. The innovative design includes 1 aspherical glass, 1 ED glass and 3 UHR glass. The use of such advanced optics guarantees detailed, sharp and perfectly framed images with perfect microcontrast. The high quality of the materials also means that chromatic aberration is reduced to an absolute minimum - both in focus and out-of-focus areas. Unparalleled brightness The ability to open the aperture to f/0.95 is ideal for shooting after dark or in areas where sufficient light is difficult to find. It is the ideal choice for a night walk or a session shot at night. The Venus Optics Argus 25mm f/0.95 APO lens for Fujifilm X will not only be appreciated by photographers, but also by video makers. The glass also offers very little 'breathing'. Thanks to it, the level of instability in the angle of view is reduced to a minimum when changing the focus point during the recording of a shot. Filmmakers can also benefit from stepless aperture adjustment. Beautiful background blur The minimum aperture of f/0.95 is also a great way to achieve a shallow depth of field. With this lens you can easily create beautiful portraits with a blurred background or highlight the main subject of a photo. The icing on the cake is the smooth and rounded bokeh with no sharp edges that you get with the 9-blade aperture. Internal focusing system The Internal Focusing technology used in the Venus Optics Argus 25 mm f/0.95 APO lens for Fujifilm X means that all lens movements take place inside the housing. Changing the focus therefore does not affect the length of the unit. This ensures optimum stability and even greater comfort. This solution is sure to be appreciated by those using filters, sun hoods or other accessories that screw onto the lens. Internal Focusing also provides better protection for the glass against dust. Dirt is more difficult to get at, compared to designs offering 'external focusing'. Specification model: Venus Optics Argus 25mm f/0.95 APO for Fujifilm X mount: Fujifilm X focal length: 25 mm focusing: manual minimum aperture: f/0.95 maximum aperture: f/11 field of view: 46.7º number of aperture blades: 9 minimum focusing distance: 25 cm max. reproduction: 0.17 x filter diameter: Ø62 mm dimensions: Ø71 x 86 mm weight: 570 g colour: black Kit contents Venus Optics Argus 25mm f/0.95 APO lens for Fujifilm X Lens for Fujifilm X decal cap for the front of the lens decal for the back of the lens      

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