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The Amaran F22c - V-mount is a 60 by 60 cm flexible light mat that is a great alternative to heavy LED panels enclosed in large housings. It is the ideal choice for working in tight and hard-to-reach areas. The unit is 5 mm thick and weighs just 880 g. You will install it anywhere with tape, Velcro or zip ties. The maximum output power of the lamp is up to 200 W. The innovative RGBWW LEDs will allow you to work with coloured light (HSI palette) and adjust the colour temperature (2500 K - 7500 K). The expandable X-Frame bracket will allow the lamp to be connected to professional tripods and mounts. The kit also does not lack a softbox, grid, power supply and transport case. Main product features flexible light mat measuring 60 by 60 cm high quality workmanship for great durability excellent alternative to heavy lamps and traditional LED panels excellent alternative to heavy lamps and traditional LED panels ideal choice for working in cramped and hard-to-reach areas excellent colour control colour control of light within the HSI colour space colour temperature control adjustable light colour temperature from 2500 K - 7500 K special programmes to imitate working with colour effect films (GEL) additional green and magenta correction (± 1.00 G) high CRI, TLCI and SSI values ensure professional quality light used in film and photography offers a maximum output power of 200 W light intensity without additional modifiers is a maximum of 23250 lux (at a distance of 0.5 m) adjustable light colour temperature in the range of 2500 K - 7500 K high CRI, TLCI and SSI values ensure professional quality light used in film and photography 15 pre-defined special effects (music club, paparazzi, thunderstorm, TV, candle, campfire, strobe, explosion, broken bulb, pulsing, welding, radio car, "penetrating" light, party and fireworks) 4 lighting power control curves (linear, exponential, logarithmic and "S" curve) remote control from the Sidus Link mobile app (Android/iOS) maximum remote control range of up to 80 metres possibility of simultaneous operation of many different lamps within the Sidus Mesh system 5 mm thickness will allow it to be installed anywhere - all you need is a gaffer or brackets Weighs just 880g, so it will work well in conjunction with c-stand booms and tripod arms to light scenes from above Metal rings that allow the lamp to be attached with cords, carabiners or zip ties Velcro strap encircling the panel on the back for additional mounting 2 mounting pins (straight and L-shaped) and an articulating adapter allowing the lamp to be installed on a tripod at different angles an articulated mounting adapter equipped with an umbrella hole folding X-Frame bracket for adequate rigidity when working with the softbox convenient installation of grids or diffusion fabrics on the softbox with Velcro includes 2 diffusion fabrics and a grid to narrow the light beam to 45º personal Control Box controller equipped with OLED screen, buttons and control knobs intuitive interface for fast and convenient control of light parameters Programmable settings that you can call up in a second using special buttons controller equipped with a plate compatible with the Lightning Clamp (sold separately) V-mount socket allowing you to conveniently connect the controller to a power adapter or compatible battery USB-C port allowing the device to be connected to a DMX512 control system cables with automatic lock to prevent accidental disconnection carrying case included Versatile and ultra-mobile There are film sets where limited space makes working with light significantly more difficult. This is when the Amaran F22c LED lamp comes into action! The 60 cm by 60 cm flexible light mat can be installed wherever there is no room for large tripods. Glue it to the ceiling with tape, use cable ties, attach it with clamps at a convenient location or combine it with "magic arm" holders. At 5 mm thick and 880 g in weight, it will give you the ultra-mobility that traditional LED panels enclosed in heavy housings do not offer. Magic of coloured light The use of a state-of-the-art RGBWW circuit allows the colour of the light to be varied freely within the HSI colour space. Adjustment of intensity, hue and saturation will provide you with thousands of possible combinations of settings. To ensure that the light colour is perfectly matched to your needs, the manufacturer has also included a green and magenta glow adjustment function. There is also a simulation of gel filters (GEL). You no longer need to buy coloured foils - with the Amaran F22c lamp they will be replaced by modern technology! 200 W output power The innovative light mat is not only ultra-mobile and conveniently mounted, but also offers exceptional performance. The maximum output power here is as high as 200 W. The light intensity without additional modifiers is a maximum of 25030 lux (at a distance of 0.5 m). The device is distinguished by the high quality of the modern LEDs. This is best confirmed by indices such as CRI: ≥95, TLCI: ≥97, CQS: ≥96, SSI (Tungsten): ≥83 and SSI (D56): ≥74. Heat/cold When you use the Amaran LED lamp F22c - V-mount, with just a turn of a dial or a few clicks on the mobile app, you can quickly set the right colour temperature of light, ranging from 2500 K to 7500 K. Do you want to create a pleasant focal camping atmosphere? Or do you want your shot to emphasise the coolness of a cloudy day? Thanks to the wide adjustment range, you will not only find it easier to match colours, but you will also learn to think creatively about warm and cool colours in film and photography! Get rid of shadows! In the kit with the Amaran F22c LED lamp - V-mount you will find modifiers to soften the light, disperse harsh shadows and direct the beam accordingly if necessary. You can use one or two diffusion fabrics ( -0.5 EV and -2.5 EV ) or reach for a "honeycomb" (45° grid). Thanks to Velcro fasteners you can conveniently install each modifier inside the softbox. Convenient mounting Included with the LED Amaran F22c - V-mount you will find a foldable X-Frame bracket, which will ensure the right rigidity of the panel when working with light modifiers or tripods. You will successfully combine it with popular mounting studs, as well as with an articulated adapter, which will allow you to direct the light at the right angle. 15 special effects Among the innovations offered by the LED Amaran F22c - V-mount lamp, there is no shortage of a set of unique special effects. Spectacular combinations of flashes and changing colours will allow you to use such simulations as a music club, paparazzi, thunderstorm, TV, candle, campfire, strobe, explosion, broken bulb, pulsating, welding, radio car, 'penetrating' light, party and fireworks. You can customise each effect by changing the individual parameters from the built-in screen or the Sidus Link app. Control Box The included external Control Box controller to control the lamp weighs just 1.2 kg. The slim box is sure to appeal to those who appreciate minimalism and ergonomics. It features a bright OLED display and easy-to-use buttons and dials. On its casing, you will find a quick-mount plate with which you can connect the Lighting Clamp. There is also a metal cord allowing you to safely hang the controller in the desired location. LIGHTING CLAMP HANDLE MUST be purchased separately. Battery or power supply Included with the Amaran F22c - V-mount LED light you will find a traditional power supply and a set of necessary cables. If you are planning to shoot in locations where there is no access to electrical sockets, nothing lost! You can connect an external rechargeable battery to the unit (to be purchased separately). The V-mount socket, which you will find on the controller, will keep things tidy on set and avoid unnecessary cable clutter. You will not only connect compatible batteries to it, but also the power supply, which is equipped with a suitable mounting plate. The external battery pack is NOT PART OF THE KIT. Sidus Link app The Amaran F22c - V-mount LED lamp is compatible with the Sidus Mesh system, which allows remote control via the Sidus Link app. You download it completely free from Google Play, App Store, Mi App Store or Huawei App Gallery. The app allows you to control a single light source as well as an entire setup of lighting equipment from the Aputure and Amaran brands. The remote control range is up to 80 metres! /> 4 adjustment curves Every film set is different. With the Amaran F22c - V-mount lamp, far fewer variables can surprise you! To ensure that you can work comfortably in different conditions, you can choose from 4 lighting power control curves: linear, exponential, logarithmic, S-curve, These will allow you to adapt the lamp behaviour to your individual working style and current requirements. DMX system support On the case of the Control Box controller you will find a USB-C port, which will enable you to connect the device to a DMX512 control system using a suitable adapter. If you are using a control console to manage your lighting and stage effects, the Amaran F22c LED lamp - V-mount will be an excellent addition to such a set-up. USB-C / DMX adapter MUST be purchased separately. Convenient transport Convenient transport and safe storage of the lamp and accessories is made possible by the handy carrying case included in the kit. The compartments make removing and stowing the equipment even more convenient. The case is covered with a pleasant-to-touch material. Its thickness is only 10.5 cm, so the ultra-mobile Amaran F22c - V-mount lamp will not take up much space in transport. Specification Model: Amaran F22c - V-mount CRI: ≥95 TLCI: ≥97 CQS: ≥96 TM-30 RF: 94 (averaged value) TM-30 RG: 102 (averaged value) TM-30 RG. SSI (Tungsten): ≥83 SSI (D56): ≥74 LEDs: red, green, blue, warm white and cool white angle of illumination: 180º 45º (with grid) maximum power output: 200 W maximum power consumption: 200 W maximum power consumption: 240 W working current: 5 A power supply: network (AC): 48 V DC D-Tap battery: 12 V - 28.8 V DC compatible batteries: 16.8 V 26 V 28.8 V (full power output) Power cables: DC: with attachment lock (3 m) AC: IEC C13 AC with attachment lock (4 m) Allowed operating temperature: - 10°C - 40°C controls: lamp control panel Sidus Link application DMX wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (Sidus Mesh) maximum remote control range: 80 m software update capability: via Sidus Link app screen: OLED cooling: natural heat dissipation mounting points: 3x 1/4 "thread LED life expectancy: 50000 h estimated LED colour change: 2% (after 6000 h) certifications: CE, FCC, cTUVus, KC, NCC, ROHS dimensions: lamp: 60 x 60 x 0.5 cm lamp with softbox installed: 62.5 x 62.5 x 10.5 cm controller. controller: 19 x 15 x 7 cm transport bag: 66 x 35 x 10.5 cm weight: lamp: 0.88 kg lamp with softbox installed: 2.83 kg grid: 116 g controller: 1.2 kg power pack: 1.1 kg handle: 0.66 kg whole kit with transport case: 7.92 kg Kit contents Amaran F22c LED lamp - V-mount Control Box controller folding X-Frame holder articulated mounting adapter power supply with V-mount AC power cable extension cable (3 m) mounting pin (straight) mounting pin (straight) L-shaped mounting stud softbox 45º grating ("honeycomb") 2x diffusion fabric transport case Photometry CCT Distance No modifier Softbox (-0.5 EV) Softbox (-2.5 EV) 2500 K 0.5 m 18040 lx 11260 lx 8800 lx 2500 K 1 m 5500 lx 3780 lx 2690 lx 2500 K 3 m 672 lx 505 lx 333 lx 3200 K 0.5 m 18760 lx 11900 lx 9110 lx 3200 K 1 m 5750 lx 4030 lx 2870 lx 3200 K 3 m 703 lx 534 lx 352 lx 4300 K 0.5 m 19720 lx 12470 lx 9570 lx 4300 K 1 m 5930 lx 4300 lx 3000 lx 4300 K 3 m 736 lx 564 lx 372 lx 5600 K 0.5 m 21260 lx 13400 lx 10340 lx 5600 K 1 m 6420 lx 4610 lx 3260 lx 5600 K 3 m 790 lx 603 lx 402 lx 6500 K 0.5 m 22250 lx 13860 lx 10820 lx 6500 K 1 m 6770 lx 4840 lx 3400 lx 6500 K 3 m 823 lx 630 lx 421 lx 7500 K 0.5 m 23250 lx 14610 lx 11340 lx 7500 K 1 m 7080 lx 4980 lx 3550 lx 7500 K 3 m 870 lx 661 lx 441 lx

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