Remington EP7700 epilator Silver,White

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If you want long lasting smooth skin, the Smooth & Silky EP7700 7-in-1 epilator is for you.
This new, advanced epilator system is designed to give you smoother results, while providing a more comfortable experience.
Helping you enjoy up to four hair-free weeks, the EP7700 7-in-1 Epilator also offers faster performance, removing 60% more hairs from the root in one pass. So, not only does hair removal take you less time, it also gives you long lasting smooth finish. The addition of the precision light also helps you to see every hair, meaning there’s less chance of missing any during use.
Hair removal shouldn’t be uncomfortable, so with the epilator’s 40 comfort tweezers, you can capture even the finest hairs with ease. Five different attachments allow you to choose the right one for you, including the Ultimate Contour Cap, a Detail Cap for smaller areas and a Shaver Head with
Bikini Comb. There’s even a Massage Cap with Aloe Vera for the gentlest hair removal.
The Smooth & Silky EP7700 7-in-1 Epilator: For an effortless, smooth you.

Get smoother results even faster, catching 60% more hairs in one pass.
The Smooth & Silky EP7700 7-in-1 Epilator removes 60% more hairs, from the root, in one pass. With the precision light helping ensure you don’t miss a single hair, you can have the smoothest, silkiest skin for up to four weeks.

Seven attachments help you to get the perfect, smooth finish however you use it.
Choose from seven different attachments, to suit the area you want to treat. Choose the new Ultimate Contour Cap, the Massage Cap with Aloe Vera, Shaver Head with Bikini Comb or the Detail Cap for smaller areas as well as a peeling brush and a pedicure head.

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Silver, White
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